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This is entitled ‘After a prolonged time’ (한참 지나서 - hancham jinaseo). This is a male version of my favorite song in the OST of Rooftop Prince, a korean drama which features JYJ’s Yoochun. Baek Ji Young, the Queen of OSTs first sang this.

The series is already in its 14th episode and I’m loving it!

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#276 - 286 Hello~ Baby *Q*

ay papasito *__* espero mo hermana no ande por el face por q si se entera q te estoy pervirtiendo xDDD

 me muero asdasdasdsada


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el es perfecto y tenganle envidia xDDDD

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e….e  y a la tipa ya mero se le caen los ojos… xDDD

e….e  y a la tipa ya mero se le caen los ojos… xDDD

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asdasdasd *^*

asdasdasd *^*

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te amoooooo susuuuuuuuuuuuu!! *^* lo mas tierno para mi y q me mata… es ver a un hombre dandole besos a un gato *^* asdasdasd

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Christmas Message from JYJ. 

brb while I’m fangirling over Jaejoong’s cute cross-legged position xD 

i´m your sister Jae :D

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YEEEEE look what I made lol .-.  

I thought his JYJ blinged phone was cool so I thought about adding his name XDD

letters are too bright but idc enough to fix it .___. shut up ._. I’m not a pro I was just bored lmao

who cut the GIF of him…. ? idk. O_O




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e——e P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

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